This valet includes our Mini Valet with extra attention added onto the exterior including a hand polish. Contact mmvaleting for a standard valet for your vehicle in Buckinghamshire.

Standard Valet

This valet includes our Mini Valet with extra attention added onto the exterior, including a hand polish. This particular valet will take two-three hours to complete, and extra available options include clay barring, Autoglym High Definition Wax and fabric hood cleaning.


Wheels cleaned (including inner rims)
Door shuts and wheel arches cleaned
Full exterior citrus prewash to remove traffic film
Petrol cap area deep cleaned
Vehicle covered in hot snow foam
Exterior washed with lamb’s wool wash mitts via the two-bucket method
Vehicle pressure rinsed, liquid wax applied and re-rinsed
Bodywork and door shuts towel dried
Tyres dressed
Windows and mirrors polished
All nooks and cranny’s air blowed to remove remaining water
Tar Spots removed
Full bodywork hand polish and wax (all in one product )
Alloy wheels waxed and sealed
Exhaust tips polished
Exterior Plastics dressed


Rubbish removed / Ashtrays emptied and cleaned
Air vents and tight areas cleaned with brush
Full interior vacuum, including boot area
Interior plastics wiped and stains removed
Floor mats wiped
Windows and mirrors polished
Air freshener applied on request

Under the Bonnet

Screenwash topped up

Price for Standard Valet service

Small to large size cars – £60.00 taking two hours to complete.
4X4s and people carriers – £75.00 taking three hours to complete.

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